Air Duct Cleaning

Professional duct de-contamination is a key step towards allergy relief. The machines I use are called Air Care Turbo Max. They are able to clean metal or flex duct so well that when we’re done they will be as clean as when first installed. All the registers will be cleaned, sanitized, and if needed, repainted. We clean, sanitize, and coat all insulated areas inside the HVAC system and where registers go. The products used on duct cleaning jobs are Foster’s 40/80 and IAQ8000. Both are EPA approved and used in hospitals and schools. All HVAC returns where filters go will be cleaned and, sanitized, and coated.  We are one of the only companies that cut open trunk lines to clean them, which is very important because the trunk lines feed the supply lines. They need to be opened every 10 to 15 years to be cleaned, but most people that have a home have never had them opened and cleaned.

A variety of microscopic bugs, germs, and bacteria live inside HVAC systems because they feed on the dust, dead skin, and pet dander that settle there. This is exactly why we use Foster's 40/80, it completely sanitizes the HVAC system!

I service Knoxville and the surrounding cities and counties, if you think your air ducts need to be cleaned call me for a free inspection!


Buildup in a trunk line


Air duct cleaning machines in a hospital