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Oak Ridge Mold Remediation

Mold can be a very serious issue and needs to be handled by mold remediation experts. When you have visible mold you probably have more that cannot be seen easily. If your home or business needs mold removal and remediation treatment it needs to be done by competent professionals in order to get it back to healthy conditions. At Air Specialties we have the experience, products, and equipment that it takes to remediate the total problem and make sure it doesn’t return.

Proper mold remediation is done under containment with air scrubbers running to prevent cross-contamination. If not done properly, the mold can spread to other areas. The products we use to prevent any return of mold are Foster’s 40-80 and Aftershock by Fiberlock.

At best mold is a serious nuisance and at worst it is a major health hazard. Most mold isn’t toxic, but all mold is allergenic. Common symptoms are coughing, congestion, aggravation of asthma, upper-respiratory infections, sleep apnea, migraines, insomnia, and watery eyes. It is possible for you to experience these symptoms for a long time before visible mold appears, because it could be in your home or business in a location you cannot easily access. A comfortable temperature for people is the same temperature mold thrives in, so it always possible that hard to detect mold growth is causing sustained allergy and health issues.

To ensure mold is totally cleared, trunk lines need to be opened every 10 to 15 years to be cleaned. Most people that have a home have never had them opened and cleaned. We are proud to be one of the only companies that cut open trunk lines to clean them!

We also do full service mold remediation for crawlspaces.

All work done by Air Specialties has a 10 year guarantee (in writing) of no future mold growth. We take care to match our services to your location and needs, which is why we offer a free inspection of your building before we get started. A small home and a large office building could have the same mold issue but on a very different scale!

If you’re in the Oak Ridge area and need mold removal and remediation, give me a call for a free inspection!

Here is just a few examples of how bad unseen mold can get, and one of what the area looks like after being treated:

mold remediation

Before: Mold Remediation

mold removal

After: Mold Remediation

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